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Peasants houses were made out of sticks and straw. These houses did not
last. The only houses that left a trace were the wealthy nobles houses. The
Black Plague of 1348 killed a large number of the peasants. This meant that
there were not enough peasants to work in the fields. Nobles became
desperate for workers to harvest their crops. This caused them to start
offering wages to anyone who would work on their land. For the first time
peasants were able to offer their services to the nobles that would pay the
highest wage. With more money, peasants were able to afford better housing
and many now lived in wattle and daub houses. Wattle and Daub houses were
taller and wider than the simple stick and straw houses. They also gave
better protection from the weather.They were made by first constructing a
framework of timber, then filling in the spaces with wattle (woven twigs).
Finally, the twigs were daubed with mud which, when dried, made a hard wall.